You need to be registered on and logged in to have full use of the boxes otherwise you will not be able to see player contact details or enter your results. You don't need to be a premium member though - basic access is free and is sufficient to fully participate in the boxes. 
If you are logged in you can update your contact details via the links in the diagonals of your box. If you haven't added any contact details yet, there is an Add contact details link next to your name but you can also use the Update link in the box diagonals at any time. 
To add a result, click on the either of the + links in the appropriate location in your box and a new page will open. Enter your results into this page and click on the Enter match results button to save them and return to the boxes page. You do need to be logged in for this.  
Once your results have been entered they will be included in the level processing which will calculate a level for you as long as you have played someone who already has a level of their own. If not, your level will be calculated once your opponent has one or you play someone else who has one. 
If you have a '*' by your name then you are in danger of being removed (dropped) from the boxes next time round because you haven't played enough matches yet. The '*' will disappear once you have entered enough results. 
If you only play 2 or less matches during any one month period you will be automatically “Dropped” from the leagues the following month. Think of it as a “Sin Bin” You will need to inform me when you wish to return. 
If a player fails to turn up, gets injured or can not complete the match their opponent can claim a walkover. 
Subsequent matches are scored as normal. 
To register a Walkover put W-0 where the final score would normally show up. I.E. 3-2 
If you wish to “WITHDRAW” from the leagues during the month playing period you need to inform me and I will grey you out. All your previous results from that period will not be included in the box. Your division position on return will be one division below as per existing top two go up and bottom 2 go down. Unless league structure determines differently, and this remains at my discretion. 
If you want to be “DROPPED” from the boxes for a period of time let me know before the period begins. Your name will go to the “DROPPED” players box at the bottom showing you are still in the league but not playing. You will return to the division you would have played in the period if you had not “Dropped” from the boxes. 
If you want to leave the leagues indefinitely but remain known to us then you will be “REMOVED” we will retain your details but your last league position will be erased. 
If you are “DROPPED” or “REMOVED” and want to return please let me know in good time before the period starts so I can ensure you go into the correct division. 

Donyngs Court Update March 10th 2023 

The court refurbishment has been completed this afternoon. It is only a refurbishment of the walls and some minor works to the floor. The courts are available from Noon on Saturday but i can see some have already been booked later in the day. I took a photo of each court but this app only seems to allow one image. But then when you have seen one squash court you have seen them all. 
Unfortunately we have loss court 6 to the party gangs. Its been re painted but no service line. Court 4 doesn't seem to be on the app but maybe this is just a hangover from the recent closure and i suspect it will be available shortly. I will look into this if it doesn't appear. 
The committee is keen to encourage more extra curriculum activities, some will need some organising and notice of these will be announced very soon. 
The first objective is to increase the participation at TUAP. I have already booked court one from 6pm on Friday 17th. Lets see if we can get all four courts running for a few hours. If you wamt to know what's happening join the TUAP whatsapp group. Just let me know and i can add you. 
More updates on future plans to follow shortly. 

Knockout 2022 

The list below shows eligible players and the current squash level rating. It is a handicap competiton so anyone could win. Also shown are the potential groups for the shield and cup competitions. Once names are confirmed a draw will take place for the first round of matches. The most up to date squash skill rating will be used to judge the handicap. Its a knockout competiton so only the winners go through to the next round. The final will be played at our end of year wrap up and prizes will be awarded. 
Please let me know ASAP: If you dont want to be on the list. Likewise if you are not on the list and want to play.  

League update March 2023  

Easy changeover this month with 3 out and one returning. Its a short month again with Donyngs refurbishing the courts between the 6th and 12th. Really looking forward to seeing the results, we might even do a launch event. To be discussed by committee over a curry. Congratulations to Clyde who is February's player of the Month. 
Other news: Just remoinder if you want to go on the turn up and play Whatsapp group do let me know. It would be really good to get a consistent number down there. We have already booked two courst at 6pm and one at 6.40 so look forward to seeing you there. 
This months divisions will go up on the notice board just to demonstrate to passers buy we are active. 
Enjoy your games. 
Please visit for up to date leagues 
Have Fun, Keep Fit, Feel Great  

Turn Up and Play   

Every Friday between 18.00 - 2100 members arrange a number of courts for any one to play single games with opponents of all different standards. Come down alone or bring a friend and play new opponents, pick up tips and share your experiences with players of all standards. Please contact to be added to the WhatsApp group for the latest updates. 

Surrey Cup Report 9th February 2023  

Redhill 1 

Redhill 2 

With 2 games left to play Redhill 1 continue to hold their own in the upper echelons of the Surrey cup competitions and seemingly inspired by the 1's climb Redhill 2 is pushing promotion at the top of the table in division 8 looking to leave the lowest rung of the Surrey cup. If you have some time and are passing through Donyngs please feel free to lend some support to the teams when they are playing at home. 

Warm up and Stretch   

Injury is probably the greatest cause for the change in numbers each month. Squash is recognised as the top sport for fitness with the HIIT type regime when playing. You wouldn’t do a gym or circuit session without warming up but many of us use the ball warming up as our only time to loosen those muscles. 
To aid your warm up regime we have installed two posters which run through upper and lower body programmes for warm up and after match stretches. These are not dedicated just for squash but general exercise procedures. Have a read through you may find them helpful. 

England Squash & Surrey Squash 
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