Why squash is right for you 
It is unanimously recognised that squash is the best way to get fit and stay healthy. The movement around the court, the changes of speed and direction raise your heart rate, increasing your cardio respiratory endurance. The lunges and reaching for the fast moving ball improves your flexibility, muscular strength, dexterity and speed. Focusing on the fast moving ball sharpens your hand to eye co-ordination and the concentration is a great stress reliever. All this activity will burn 700 calories in 40 mins. Good warm up and cool down regimes ensure squash retains one of the lowest injury rates of any sport. And healthy competition on court and a friendly social scene promotes mental well-being.  
So come down to Redhill Squash Club and Have Fun, Keep Fit and Feel Great
What's On at Redhill Squash Club 
Just starting? 
Have some real fun with our England Squash recognised introductory course, Squash 101; get to get to know the court, the racket and the rules all over a 6 week period, so you'll get fit just learning the basics. 
Also recommended for those who want to get back into the sport, membership not required, please contact us to find out more. 
Squash Rules  
1. Squash Equipment - Squash is played between two players on a squash court using a squash racket, a squash ball and non-marking shoes. 
2. Scoring - Matches are the best of 5 games. Each game uses point a rally (score on each rally) scoring to 15. If the score in a game is tied at 14-14, a player must win by 2 clear points. 
3. How to Win Points - Points can be scored by either player. When a player fails to serve or to make a good return, the opponent wins the point. When the receiver wins a point, they become the server and add one to their score. 
4. The Serve - The ball must be volleyed and must be served direct on to the front wall above the service line (middle line on the front wall). On its return, it must fall to the floor within the back quarter of the court opposite to the server’s box. 
5. Play - After a good serve, the players return the ball alternately until one or other fails to make a good return. 
6. A Good Return - A return is good if the ball, before it has bounced twice on the floor, is returned by the striker on to the front wall without touching the floor, provided the ball is not hit twice, or out, or touches the tin. 
7. LETs - If a player thinks they may hit their opponent with the ball or racket or the ball hits their opponent, ‘STOP’ and play a let. You then replay the point. 
8. Freedom to Play the Ball - After playing the ball, a player must make every effort to get out of the opponents way. 
Squash is a great game that is excellent for your fitness and mental wellebeing. As it is a fast paced sport in a walled court it is not without it's hazards so here are our tips to keep safe when playing squash. 
1. Warm up and Stretch - Squash can be demanding and to be at your best leave yourself a little time to warm up with a little jog or fast walking and a good stretch to keep those muscles warm and suple and at peak performance 
2. Let let let..... Squash is a competitive sport and we all want to win, with the best will in the world sometimes we might let our desire to win force us into a poor position where you might make contact with your opponent or hit them with the ball. If you think you might hit your opponent please REMEMBER to call a LET to stop the point and replay it. No one wants to go home injured and we'er all friends here at RSC and will always replay a point 
3. Correct Clothing - Consider wearing safety glasses, the ball can move fast as well as your opponents racquet and you only have one set of eyes. Appropriate court shoes will not only ensure the court does not get marked but can also help with grip on the smooth wooden floor preventing slips and sprains and ankle twists. 
4. Mind the Wall - Similar to point 2, the wall can at times appear out of of nowhere when the red mist is down. Please be aware of your surroundings including the wall, the nick (crease between wall and floor) and most importantly your opponent.  
5. Stay Hydrated - Squash is hard work and great for fitness and sweat is only natural so please stay hydrated to avoid cramps and maintain peak performance.  
We run regular beginner and intermediate classes. 
Email us at info@redhillsquashclub.co.uk 
Membership not required 
Social Events (Under Construction) 
Under Construction 
Turn up and play 
Every Friday between 18.00 - 2100 we open up the courts for anyone to play a game with opponents of all different standards. It’s a great way to kick off the weekend, find new challenging opponents or pick up some techniques and share your experiences. Come alone or bring a friend and no need to be a member of Redhill Squash club. We meet down at the court entrances. If its your first time please contact info@redhillsquashclub.co.uk to be added to the “TUAP” WhatsApp group for the latest updates 
Membership not required. 
Join our leagues 
If you can commit to 5 games a month then join our leagues. 
The divisions are updated on a monthly basis; lots of opportunity to improve your game with a frequent mix of new opponents, so you feel challenged but not always beaten. 
Full membership required. 
Squeeze in squash 
You can't commit to our leagues but would still like to play a competitive game whenever you can? 
Join our ladder program. Reach out to other players, play your match, register your score on our app and see who your next opponent is. 
If you work nearby why not join our lunchtime ladders. Take advantage of off peak rates. Play individuals from different companies or we can help you set up corporate teams. 
Full or corporate membership required. 
Club team 
Want to raise your game and play the best players in the county? If you are a signed up member of our club and play in the top leagues then you could join one of our successful Surrey Cup teams. You need to be available for 2 to 3 matches a month at home and away.  
Full membership is required. 
Contact us today to join Redhill Squash Club 
Full membership is only £35.00 a year. See about us for further details. 
Corporate membership POA. 
Match scoring and league management is all done through our dedicated app. Courts are booked via Donyngs leisure centre. They offer a range of entrance fees and membership options which provide access to all their facilities. 
To sign up to Redhill Squash Club contact us here. 
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